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Here you will find our workshop materials used during the school year. It includes powerpoints and code files (click on the link). You are welcome (and absolutely encouraged!!!) to look over the material. Come up with some questions and send us an email or reach out to us!  Additionally, we recommend members to have download an IDE to perform tasks with Python.  A common IDE to use is Spyder, which can be downloaded with the Anaconda package

Python Basics

Intro to Numpy/Pandas

Visualization / More Panndas

Machine Learning

  • Classifying Iris flowers was the main file of instruction.

  • Enron shows some feature engineering.

  • **These files have to be in the same directory in your IDE or Jupyter Notebook**. 

  • You may also use Google Colab an upload the file (must have ipynb).

Excel Workshop 3/29

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